Roofer service in Laval and Montreal

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Commercial roof

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toiture commerciale

Residential roof

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Toiture résidentielle

Sloping roof / Shingles

Asphalt shingles is able to greatly enhance the value and appearance of a building, with its variety of color and form. This is a quality material that roofing companies use with confidence for years and that provide satisfaction to our customers.

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Toit en pente / bardeaux

Flat roof / Elastomer membrane

The elastomeric diaphragm is a welded roofing process. These are rolls of membrane resistant to tearing / cracking. No gravel, it makes no unpleasant dust. Laid in two layers, they consist of a base elastomeric membrane and an elastomeric cap sheet with small granule on the surface which protects it from direct sunlight.

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Toit plat / membrane élastomère

White roof

The white membrane prevents overheating when exposed to sunlight, it does not dry out and retains its elasticity even in winter, which at the same time increases the longevity of your roof.

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Toit blanc


We produce almost all our pieces of steel and aluminum in our premises. So we can control quality through tinsmiths working there and ensure optimal and professional performance to our customers.

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Ferblanterie toiture


Whether full rebuild or make reductions on your roof, repairing the damage caused by a disaster or enlarge your roof, Roofer Toiture Gagné is an entire company that can deal with all your needs for your roof, the structural framework at the finish of your roof.

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Menuiserie toiture


When the heat is too high in the eaves, shingles of the roof will be greatly affected by external heat and that coming from the attic. It age faster and gondolera after a while. Thus, the heat will not evacuated parts of the house, hot and uncomfortable.

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Ventilation toiture


During the winter season the insulation keeps the heat inside of your roof and during the summer time it will prevent extreme heat to penetrate your structure to keep a viable temperature in your home or business. Proper insulation will give you comfort and well-being while you save on heating and air conditioning.

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Isolation toiture

Snow removal

Our company to realize that winter, the most important for traders is the safety of its customers but also of their commercial building. That is why we offer the service to inspect your coverage and structural inspection of your roof by our experts before the cold weather season.

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Déneigement toiture

Service / Repair

You can count on our team if your home or business requires an emergency repair or a complete replacement of your roof. Our inspection service will identify emerging weaknesses and to counter the effects of weather and seasons.

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Entretien / Réparation toiture
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