Sloping roof and shingles

Asphalt shingles is able to greatly enhance the value and appearance of a building, with its variety of color and form.

This is a quality material that roofing companies use with confidence for years and that provide satisfaction to our customers.

Used for all kinds of slopes from 20 degrees and more, asphalt shingles are effective coverage for all types of roofs. The main advantage of asphalt shingles is its weather resistance. Inexpensive and easy to install asphalt shingles have a seal that allows them to easily evacuate rainwater. Asphalt shingles low maintenance and light is no overweight your roof structure.

Shingles include fiberglass reinforcement and ceramic-coated mineral granules firmly embedded in the asphalt, making the water-resistant product.

The shingle pieces are firmly laminated in a solid asphalt cement and feature self-adhesive edge, which gives a dimensional uniformity and covering your roof foolproof. Rain or shine, this made the long-proven!


During the renovation or lining of the roof membrane water / ice and asphalt felts are always included in the work. Roofing Gagné also assured to offer you a breakdown of your roof and adequate in the standards.

Applicator authorized IKO roofing products, BP and LEXCOR.

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