Concerned about the welfare of our customers, roofing professionals won all recognize the importance of ventilation in the attic of your home.

Here are three reasons that might convince you of the importance of good ventilation in the attic:

When the heat is too high in the eaves, shingles of the roof will be greatly affected by external heat and that coming from the attic. It age faster and gondolera after a while. Thus, the heat will not evacuated parts of the house, hot and uncomfortable. Also, a poorly ventilated roof during the winter season can cause ice buildup on the edges of the roof, which can be extremely harmful and exacerbate the deterioration of the coating while increasing the risk of water infiltration.

Another very important point is to check the tightness of the ceiling in the residence. If the space is too small, there may be an accumulation of moisture in the attic that will make the insulation remains ineffective. A non-evacuated moisture will promote mold and deterioration of the roof. In addition, a roof with proper ventilation helps to save energy and improves the comfort of the residents.

You are in doubt? Immediately contact a member of the Gagné Roofing team to make an appointment for an inspection of the premises and will be able to answer your questions. We can take care of creating a positive ventilation when it is nonexistent.

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