Flat roof and Elastomer membrane

The elastomeric diaphragm is a welded roofing process.

These are rolls of membrane resistant to tearing / cracking. No gravel, it makes no unpleasant dust.

Laid in two layers, they consist of a base elastomeric membrane and an elastomeric cap sheet with small granule on the surface which protects it from direct sunlight.

The technique traditionally poses elastomeric membranes is done with a torch. It is to melt the top and bottom of each elastomeric membrane by heat and then merge together and create a single continuous membrane. This process is the most efficient for flat roofs, pond or low slope.

Normally the durability of the elastomeric membrane is 20 years, but an elastomeric membrane properly laid on a well-ventilated roof can easily take 30 years. Easily modified when adding or modifying buildings it proves to be an excellent investment.

Roofer Toiture Gagné has the expertise required for this type of work. Aware of a potential due to fire danger, Roofer Toiture Gagné takes all necessary precautions for this kind of work that requires expertise and professionalism.


Roofer Toiture Gagné is a master in the field of recovery and construction of the roof and our company has over 20 years of experience in the areas of Montreal, Laval and Terrebonne.

Toit plat / membrane élastomère
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